How It Works

Every Sock Source order follows these steps – Simple and effective

multiple custom sock lengths

Choose your sock

In this step, you’ll chose the base to build your design around. With a wide range of chassis to choose from, there’s an option to fit everyone’s needs. Check out “our socks” for more detail on our product lineup.


computer with design software for creating custom socks


This is where you make the sock your own by adding company logos, custom design or crazy colors. We’re happy to help with designs. Whether you have very detailed design instructions, or are looking for suggestions from us, we have resources available to assist in the process.

camera for taking pictures of custom socks


For every order, we require approval from you before we run the entire order. After the machines are set up on your design, out team will send pictures of the first pair off the line. This will be the first time you see your design on the physical sock, so it’s important you review these pictures carefully. If you see something that just doesn’t look quite right, let us know and we’ll adjust it. We’ll wait for your approval before proceeding with the entire production run.

delivery truck for custom sock order fulfillment

Finishing and Shipping

After production, your socks need to be finished. This includes activities such as: washing, boarding, packaging etc. This is where we’ll handle special requests like: individually poly bagging, applying special barcodes, packaging for drop shipping etc.

Related Products

Athletic Cushion Sock – Cotton

This style features ribbing through the leg, cushioning in the sole and elastic arch support around the mid-foot. Perfect for a more sporty & athletic look and feel.

Flat Knit Sock – Cotton

The Cotton Flat Knit Dress sock is our best selling silhouette. Knit on 168 needle count machines, this sock offers the perfect canvas for you to display your design.

Athletic Cushion – Merino Wool

Our popular athletic cushion chassis offered in high quality, USA source merino wool. Perfect for an athletic look and feel, but still incorporating high quality merino wool.

Add your company’s logo or branding for a customized look.

Ready to Get Started?

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custom sock design with logo