Logos on socks

The resources we offer make the process of putting your logos on socks seamless. Design, packaging & fulfillment are just a few of the services we offer to help create high quality, custom, branded socks.

custom sock silhouettes

Our Services

yarn cone for knitting custom socks


The machines we use are high in needle count which allows for more definition in your logos and branding.

custom packaging to complement your custom socks


Every order placed with us comes with complementary custom packaging, serving as an additional canvas to display your logos and branding.

machine used for washing your custom socks


Washing, folding, packaging; we’ll make sure your socks are retail ready.

Key Features

Order in bulk, save money

Wholesale custom socks. We offer minimums as low as 60 pairs, but pricing gets more economical as your order in larger increments. Just as we realize those economies, we pass those savings on to you.

No matter the order size, every order is treated with the same care. All orders come with complementary custom packaging, free design suggestions, and access to our large yarn inventory.

Fully customizable

We’re happy to customize our products however we can to fit your needs. From the design, to packaging, to the sock build itself. We offer tailored features that will fill any needs you have for your customized socks in bulk.

We have a broad range of features, large enough to suit any requirements needed for the job. With over 50 custom yarn colors, unlimited custom packaging options, and variability in the sock build itself, we’re sure we’ll meet your needs.

100% North Carolina based supply chain

Our company is tied to a long lineage of hosiery manufacturing in North Carolina, with familial ties to the early 1900’s. We’re proud of the reputation that North Carolina boasts around hosiery, and the opportunity we have to add to that.

Not only does all knitting occur in NC, but our materials are source from the Tarheel state as well.

Related Products

Athletic Cushion Sock – Cotton

This style features ribbing through the leg, cushioning in the sole and elastic arch support around the mid-foot. Perfect for a more sporty & athletic look and feel.

Flat Knit Sock – Cotton

The Cotton Flat Knit Dress sock is our best selling silhouette. Knit on 168 needle count machines, this sock offers the perfect canvas for you to display your design.

Athletic Cushion – Merino Wool

Our popular athletic cushion chassis offered in high quality, USA source merino wool. Perfect for an athletic look and feel, but still incorporating high quality merino wool.

Add your company’s logo or branding for a customized look.

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